At Bowyer & Livermore we seek to provide our clients with a professional, reliable and personal service. We strive to achieve the best possible results for you to meet your agricultural goals.

Our livestock marketing includes:

* paddock sales (over the hook, Auctions plus and farm to farm)
* weekly cattle and sheep markets (at CTLX,Carcoar)
* monthly store cattle sales (CTLX,Carcoar)
* stud sales

We are a member of the CTLX sale yards at Carcoar which opened in 2008. CTLX has been a number 2 sale yard for Cattle throughput in NSW and number 4 for sheep since it opened. Bowyer and Livermore has been in the top 3 for Livestock throughput at Carcoar over this period.

Before every six months, the Central Tablelands Livestock Agents Association draws for the Position of Sale Selling order. This rotates each week and the position is for all sales that fall in the current week. (Fat Cattle, Sheep and also Store Cattle on the 2nd week of each month.)

For example: If Bowyer & Livermore have drawn 1st this week, we will be first in selling order for both sheep and cattle. Next week we will rotate back to 2nd, with the agency that drew last rotating to the 1st position. This order remains in place at six monthly intervals. There are eight agencies in the draw.

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